Leadership San Marcos

About Us

Leadership San Marcos promotes community awareness, personal and professional growth, and civic involvement for tomorrow‘s leaders.


Leadership San Marcos began under the wings of the San Marcos Chamber of Commerce. In 1985, the Education Committee of the Chamber developed and sponsored the first class. Graduates of the class of 1986 were: Paul Nielsen, Ron Hart, Pasty Griener, Chuck Misenheimer, Jim Burn, William Hague, and Cheryl Carr. Since then, over two hundred in the community have graduated from this prestigious program. The Alumni Association was formed in the late 80‘s.

As the program grew, it became independent of the Chamber of Commerce in the early 90s. Leadership San Marcos became self governing with the formation of its own Board of Directors. Under this new leadership, the program continued to grow and prosper. In the mid 90s, the number of participants was increased from the original number of 12 to the current level of 15. The Board maintains this level for two reasons:

  • This number allows for a small group for team building and bonding of the classes. Many classmates continue the relationships formed and even find life long friends.
  • The small number of participants keeps the options open in terms of logistical considerations such as meeting places and transportation.
Class of 2018