Leadership San Marcos

Community Involvement

Leadership San Marcos is making many noticeable differences in the community, not only by enhancing civic knowledge and leadership skills, but also through class projects. Since 1996, the majority of LSM classes have undertaken a project to benefit the community.

Class of 2020

Matilda Bridge

The Matilda Bridge in Purgatory Creek Natural Area. The class partnered with the Greenbelt Alliance whom built Matilda, and City of San Marcos Parks


Class of 2018

YSB Van Fundraiser

The class raised funds to help the Youth Services Bureau purchase a new van. Their after-school program stays busy shuttling kids around to various activities, volunteer and learning opportunities. They needed a more reliable form of transport than their old van. 

Class of 2017

Gateway to San Marcos Sign

Visitors are greeted by a sign on the west side of town along Hwy 123

Class of 2016

GSMYC Renovations

After learning of the need for improvements at the Greater San Marcos Youth Center the class stepped in to help. They raised funds to remodel parts of the living quarters in this shelter for youth. 

Class of 2015

Old Betsy

The class restored a classic 1926 American La France Pumper Fire Truck, returning it to a beautiful state and making it drivable once again. Read more


Ole Betsy restoration ribbon cutting

Class of 2014

LBJ Museum Sign

This local non-profit dedicated to the legacy of Lyndon Baynes Johnson benefits from a new, illuminted sign designed by Blackout Signs.

Class of 2012

Mosaic Tile Mural

The class collaborated with local artists, San Marcos High School, Gary Job Corps and others to create the unity-themed mosaic alongside the San Marcos River in City Park. For several months, the class and community volunteers worked on the tiles that fit into the overall theme of the river, nature and community. The former tile wall had been damaged by floods and time. The new mosaic was fashioned with strong materials to last for years to come. 

Class of 2011

Serenity Garden

San Marcos City Cemetery Memorial Ash Scattering (Serenity) Garden (done in conjunction with a local Eagle Scout candidate). The Serenity Garden is an area where families can scatter ashes of their loved ones.

Serenity Garden

Class of 2010

Ambassadors Leadership Training

The class teamed up with Owen Goodnight Middle School to provide an Ambassadors Leadership & Ethics Training for youth. Mayor Daniel Guerrero, community leaders and business members volunteered their time to lead workshops for the middle school age children. The program ran for several years before being taken up by the Greater San Marcos Youth Council.

Class of 2009

New Basketball Court

The court, which was heavily used prior to its removal, was rebuilt in its original location in City Park near the Recreation Center. The basketball court was constructed in collaboration with the City of San Marcos and with generous support from H-E-B, Wal-Mart, Scott Gregson, McCoy’s Building Supply, CenturyLink, Madison 5, Central Texas Medical Center, Goodrich, Grande Communications, Texas State Athletics, Jim and Kristy Stark, Phil and Jennifer Hutchison, and many members of the community. TXI, Ingram Ready Mix, Baker—Aicklen Engineering and Lineweber Construction Building generously donated supplies and construction. The new basketball court includes a bronze plaque set in the ground, surrounded by named bricks to recognize project supporters.

Class of 2008

Research and Development of San Marcos Tourist Kiosk

Class of 2007

Chief Placido

The class recognizes the considerable contributions of Chief Placido and the Tonkawa tribe with this statue. The Tonkawa Tribe lived in what is now known as San Marcos prior to the settlers of the 1840’s. Led by Chief Placido, they served as allies and scouts, fighting alongside the “Texians.” Mr. Eric Slocombe, a talented local artist and sculptor, whose work can be found in private collections throughout the Southwest, has captured the essence of the Tonkawa warrior in this work. Learn more


Class of 2006

Activity Center Sign

The Activity Center on Hopkins Street was using a different vinyl sign to announce each event and activity. The Class of 2006 gave them an electronic marquee so they can easily make announcements.

Class of 2005

Historical Downtown Walking Map

Class of 2004

Awareness and Fundraising Campaign for resurfacing the Dunbar Basketball Court

Class of 2003

Aquatic Playground at Rio Vista Park

The project chosen by the Class of 2003 was definitely all wet, but on purpose. With the assistance of The Fountain People, a local business, they decided to provide an aquatic playground by converting a mostly unused baby pool at Rio Vista Park.

As the class did its homework, it realized that not only would the aquatic playground save the city money in the long run (the playground does not use as much water as the baby pool it replaced and does not require a lifeguard as the baby pool did) but it would be a capital improvement for the community. “Parks and Recreation was really excited about the project because it’s really a smaller version of a bigger project yet to come,” said Tammy Allen (‘03). “It got rid of something that was underutilized and replaced it with something that is cost efficient and everyone can enjoy.”

Class of 2002

Aquatic Playground at Rio Vista Park

A Trail Sign was installed next to the Tourist Information Center by the Class of 2002. Lance Bielke (‘02) states, “The color map identifies walking trails, recreational areas and historical landmarks along the San Marcos River.” The sign is a very visible, useful map for tourists and locals to better understand the layout of our river area and enjoy our parks. The sign will also make an attractive place for tourists to stop and take photographs to remind them of their San Marcos experience.

Class of 2001

Safety Fence at Children's Park

The Class of 2001 built a fence between the Children’s Park and the railroad track. Dawn Burnett (‘01) explains their project was a solution to a potentially dangerous situation. Before the fence was built, children could literally walk right up on the train tracks due to children’s fascination with trains. The fence has served as a beneficial deterrent and safety measure to keep children away from the tracks.

Class of 2000

Safety Fence at Children's Park

canine variety for off-leash exercise and play. The San Marcos Community Dog Park is located between the National Guard Armory and the Public Library.

Shaila Martin (‘00) reports many dogs (and their owners) are frequenting the part, especially in the evenings. “The Dog Park has become a pet owners Playscape” says Celina Bley (‘03) who appreciates the benches, water faucet, and covered tarp. She and her husband can usually be found there in the evenings with their dog, Lola, and the other friendly dogs and owners. The dog park also assists in attracting tourist to San Marcos.


Class of 1999

Deck at San Marcos Plaza made ADA accessible

The Class of 1999 saw a need for even more improvements and so they installed handicap ramps and backs for the benches.

Class of 1997

Benches added to Deck at San Marcos Plaza

The Class of 1997 continued to improve the deck by installing benches. In addition to providing comfort and convenience for Sights and Sounds, the deck is used for youth gatherings, guest speakers, concerts, Summer in the Park, Movies in the park, and more.

Class of 1996

Wooden Deck at San Marcos Plaza

Donna Taylor (‘96) can remember the idea for the wooden deck came about because there was not a place to rest, sit, or dance in part, particularly during the annual Sights and Sounds event. The Class of 1996 wanted to initiate an on-going legacy that would benefit the community, spur concerts in the part, and host LSM events. In addition to providing comfort and convenience for park events, the deck is used for youth gatherings, guest speakers, concerts, Summer in the Park, Movies in the park, and more.