Leadership San Marcos

Program Info

Program Outline

Leadership San Marcos is dedicated to providing opportunities to gain experience and knowledge to improve leadership ability and increase value for citizens.

In eight full-day sessions held through the year, participants will explore the essentials of leadership and study the past, present and future needs of this community.

The first session engages the new class in team building exercises. The following six full-day sessions of tours, speakers and problem-solving activities make up the balance of the Leadership San Marcos program: Communication and Leadership Skills, Local and Regional Economy, City and County Government, Highlights of San Marcos, Educational Systems, and the Case Study.

Presenters include experts in their fields: industry managers, leaders of educational institutions, elected officials, and representatives from the fields of real estate, history, environment, business writing, and communication.

Sessions are hosted by business, governmental, and educational entities in the San Marcos area, providing tours and insight not available to the general public. Leadership San Marcos promotes community awareness, personal and professional growth, and civic involvement for tomorrow‘s leaders.

Community Knowledge

Leadership San Marcos broadens participants’ knowledge of the greater San Marcos community. Educational tours of local businesses and government entities that are not available to the general public are held each session. Leadership San Marcos motivates participants to participate in community activities and make a difference as other graduates have done through Leadership projects and alumni activities.


Leadership San Marcos provides face-to-face contact with peers from various organizations and industries in the community. Networking advantages through Leadership San Marcos include expanding your resources, keeping abreast of new developments, learning about other businesses and industries, and making new business contacts.